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Jan Brett Celebration

posted Jan 8, 2020, 12:33 PM by Emily Bishop   [ updated Feb 27, 2020, 1:17 PM ]

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On December 19th West Parish first graders had a Jan Brett Celebration!  Everyone had a great time. Parent volunteers and teachers facilitated 9 stations across the three classrooms. 

#1—Mitten Cookie—The kids decorated a delicious mitten cookie.

#2—Festive Pattern Block—The kids got a mitten pattern block outline and filled in the shape with hexagons, trapezoids, rhombus, and triangles.

#3—Do you want to make a snowman?—Everyone enjoyed experimenting with fake Science snow!  It was so cool to see the snow grow out of just a small bit of powder.  We challenged them to see if they could make a snowman out of it.


#4—Mitten Math—The kids matched up mittens with number bonds, tens and ones and related addition and subtraction number sentences.

#5—Ornaments—To preview our measurement unit, the students measured their height and cut a ribbon to go in their ornament.

#6—Gingerbread Smell Test—The kids put their nose to the test!  They had to decide which ingredients had a scent.

#7—Mitten Bingo—The kids played an exciting game of bingo using our sight words.


#8—Holiday Expanders—Continuing our work with written expression, the kids selected a holiday barebone sentence and then chose a starter word for their where expander. 


#9—Pinecone Birdfeeder—Going along with the book Annie and the Wild Animals, the kids made birdfeeders out of pinecones to hang on a tree in your neighborhood to help animals that do not hibernate or migrate for the winter.Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:j4:79v317l13sd8md7x9vw68ggw4hx7cc:T:TemporaryItems:download.jpg