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City Leaders spread the word-read!

posted Mar 25, 2016, 4:40 AM by Regina Sargent

    On Tuesday March 1st, West Parish students and staff celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday a day early with its “Read Across America” kick-off.  “Read Across America” is a National Education Association (NEA) event to encourage a love of reading.  After all, research has shown that kids who read and are read to do better in school! 

    Retired teachers, community members, Gloucester Public school employees, and family friends visited and read to classes.  Police Chief Leonard Campanello and Fire Chief Eric Smith were among those that took time out of their busy schedules to promote their love of reading.  Arthur Unobskey, the GPS Assistant Superintendent, and Barbara Dundin, his Administrative Assistant, enthusiastically read to classes as well.  Denise Fleming, a retired 4th grade teacher, read to Mrs. Sargent’s 3rd grade class and Mrs. LaCoste’s Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Klics’s Kindergarten class even took a field trip to City Hall to hear Mayor Romeo-Theken read!


    Since this was the kick-off to our month of celebrating reading, each child received a map of the United States and is encouraged to color in a state each time he or she reads or is read to.  Return it to school by March 25th to receive a Dr. Seuss surprise.


    Thank you to all who participated in NEA and West Parish’s “Read Across America” kick-off!